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1974 sketch of the church by Karen Stoops, member Zion Lutheran Church
405 Hickory Street ; P.O. Box 68
Montpelier, Ohio 43543
(419) 485-8559
Serving Christ in Northwestern Ohio since 1859

Supported Ministries

Zion tithes to local, regional, and national organizations each month. Zion also supports several organizations through special events, annual giving, and a monthly mission collection in which a designated organization is the recipient of monthly mission offerings.

The mission for July is Lily Creek Farms. Lily Creek Farms is a therapeutic riding center for individuals with developmental disabilities or certain medical conditions. Amazing things happen here. For more information about this very important ministry, you can visit the website at "http://www.lilycreekfarms.org".

Genacross Lutheran Services Genacross Lutheran Services, formerly known as Lutheran Homes Society, serves youth and seniors in many aspects of life in 15 Ohio cities and one in Michigan. They offer extended care ministries, assisted and independent living apartments for seniors, as well as youth group homes and ancillary services. The organization serves nearly 1,800 residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Zion supports the ministries of Genacross Lutheran Services with a portion of its undesignated monthly offerings. Genacross Lutheran Services has also benefited from our monthly mission offering.
Lutheran Social Services
of Northwestern Ohio
Western Region Office
Lutheran Social Services (LSS) is a faith-based organization that provides various services to residents in 24 counties within northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan including issues dealing with mental health, poverty, displacement, and adoption. Zion sends a portion of its undesignated monthly offerings in support of the counseling ministy of the local office of Lutheran Social Services through their Counseling Assistance Fund. This fund enables LSS to offer discounted or free counseling to individuals in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, and Williams Counties who would not otherwise be able to afford the services. Lutheran Social Services, Western Region Office, has also been supported by our monthly mission offering.
Lutheran World Relief Lutheran World Relief is an international organization whose mission is to end poverty, injustice, and human suffering. They do not work alone, but in collaboration with other organizations to provide necessary resources to obtain this goal. Zion supports the ministries of Lutheran World Relief with a portion of its undesignated monthly offerings. Lutheran World Relief has also benefited from our monthly mission offering.
The Montpelier Area Ministerial Association is a collaboration of 13 churches in Montpelier that coordinates community worship services, an annual scholarship fund, an Emergency Response Team, and an emergency relief program for local residents in need of financial assistance. Donations to the Montpelier Ministerial Association fund the financial aid available to local residents who need help paying for utilities, rent, gasoline, and prescriptions. Zion supports the ministries of the Montpelier Area Ministerial Association with a portion of its undesignated monthly offerings and has been the recipient of monthly mission offerings.
Williams County
of Aging
The Williams County Department of Agins is a county agency that offers programs and services to support the needs of Williams County's senior citizens. Zion initially began supporting the Senior Center by paying the cost of an individual who otherwise would not have received the needed benefit of participating in their GALA program which provided meals to area seniors. The individual has long since passed and the GALA program has been discontinued. However, in Zion's desire to support the various needs of the community at all stages of life, Zion continues to support the mission of the Williams County Department of Aging, specifically in providing for the nutritional needs of the areas' older population, with a portion of its undesignated monthly offerings.
WBCL WBCL is a Christian Radio station on the campus of Taylor University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. WBCL is not funded by the University or commercials, but relies on contributions from listeners. Financially supporting this ministry supports the mission of WBCL to provide encouraging and inspiring music for people all over the globe via traditional airwaves and the internet. There are many testimonies of how the right song at the right moment has impacted lives for the better. Zion is a day sponsor for WBCL, around Easter prior to 2017. Beginning in 2017, Zion sponsors a day near the start of Lent.
Christian Motorcyclist Association

Motorcycles lining the church for 2009 CMA Sunday
Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA) is an international association of motorcyclists who believe in and follow Jesus, with the purpose of reaching out to the biker community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CMA supports pastors in developing countries by providing transportation in the form of motorcycles or bicycles. CMA also financially supports The Jesus Project, which provides equipment and transportation for The Jesus Film to be shown to communities in developing countries. CMA also financially supports Christians who are being persecuted for proclaiming the Gospel. Zion hosts an annual CMA Sunday in the fall. CMA is supported by a monthly mission offering once a year.
Heifer International Heifer International is an international organization that works with individuals and communities to empower them to live independently with sustainable income and resources by providing resources and teaching them to use, care for, and develop those resources into a sustainable business and connecting them with a market to sell their goods and services. The most familiar program of Heifer International is the purchase of animals. Zion supports Heifer International with a monthly mission once a year.
Montpelier Parks
Summer Lunch
Friends of the Montpelier Parks Program has been providing free nutritional meals to the school aged children of Montpelier since 2014. It began by providing breakfast, but it was quickly discovered that lunch was more important. This program is 100% community sponsored. No government funds are used for this program, giving the volunteers and administration freedom to serve all who would fall through the cracks. Donations may be given to Friends of the Montpelier Parks with a designation to the Summer Lunch Program and either delivered or mailed to the Montpelier Parks and Recreation Department. For more information about the programs sponsored by the Montpelier Park program or Friends of the Montpelier Parks, visit the Montpelier Parks and Recreation Department webpage. Zion supports the summer lunch program through a monthly mission offering once a year.
Gideon's International Gideons International is an international Christian-based organization whose sole mission is to distribute Bibles. Their goal is to provide every person in the world access to a copy of the Bible, preferably in their own language. Gideon Bibles are currently translated into 90 languages. This ministry is supported by financial contributions from individuals and groups in the form of unrestricted donations or donations made in honor or memory of a loved one or special event. Zion invites a representative of Gideon's International to present a message to the congregation about their ministry in March. Gideon's International is supported through a monthly mission offering once a year.
Samaritan's Purse
Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child is an outreach of Samaritan's Purse, a Christian relief and evangelism organization led by Franklin Graham. “The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.” Boxes are shipped all over the world. Zion collects items for Operation Christmas Child throughout the month of October. Boxes are packaged and taken to the local collection site in early November. Zion also supports Operation Christmas Child with the monthly mission offering once a year.