(February 14 - March 31)

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1974 sketch of the church by Karen Stoops, member Zion Lutheran Church
405 Hickory Street ; P.O. Box 68
Montpelier, Ohio 43543
(419) 485-8559
Serving Christ in Northwestern Ohio since 1859

Logo designed by founding members Synthia Ellis, Hannah Lambright, and Madison Dowalter.
Purpose: To learn about God while having fun together.
Mission: Sharing God's blessings with the world.
Logo: The cross is blue because Christ the King is the fullfillment of God's promises. The hearts are pink to symbolize the hope we have because of God's promises. The letters are red because we are blessed through the Blood of Christ.

The Blessings is the name of our youth group, a gathering of youth in grades 6-12. The name, purpose, mission, and logo were written and designed by the original members of the group: Madison Dowalter, Synthia Ellis, and Hannah Lambright. Faith, ministry, and mission are important to the young people in our group.

by our current members: Synthia, Meghan, and Shelby
What do we know about God? He is Good. He is always around us. He created life. He created Heaven and earth. He created us. He shows us right from wrong, good and evil. He is always going to be with you, even when you think He is not.

What can we do because of our faith? We face things every day because of Him. We face challenges that we overcome because of Him. We can be bold in our faith.

What is the source of our faith? The Bible, as the Word of God.

If you claim to be a Christian, how do others know that it's true? Our actions line up with God's word. You act kind to people who aren't kind to you. Do your best in school. Work hard. You speak the truth. You share the Word of God with others. You pray for people. You encourage people. You respect people around you.

What do we do in Youth Group? Play activities to learn more about God. We grow in our faith. We do missions to help others and volunteer work. We have lock-ins. We play games based on faith. We memorize Scripture. We are currently memorizing Proverbs 31. We prepare food and meals.